A living room designed by Young and Burton

Working early on with the design team, we provide basic budget information at the beginning stages of the process and continue to refine these costs as the plans develop. We can also assist with value engineering, expedited scheduling, permitting, utilities and many other hurdles that come up during the design and engineering stages.

Working together with the design team during the development phase, we continue to fine tune the costs against the developing plans and specs, culminating in a realistic budget and a set of plans that is build-able and ready for permit and construction.

Our goal is to provide the client with the information necessary to make an informed decision, based on both a realistic budget and construction schedule. Our schedule outlines a set of data points identifying the critical path of construction coupled with a critical path decision schedule that insures the required lead time to effectively manage the field operations. These two schedules together put everyone on task for the effort with real expectations and obligations.

Once the project is underway we provide close supervision to manage the process, document the effort, facilitate meetings and monitor progress with the end result of a project that meets the client’s expectations and maintains the quality standard that is the hallmark of every Young & Burton project.