BAMO Marlowe

Simply put, the underlying strength of the Young & Burton team is measured by the tenure and experience of our employees.

Our group, made up of management, estimating, bookkeeping, front office and 6 project managers is complimented by our experienced and well tenured group of foremen, carpenters and laborers.

These key personnel average over 30+ years in the construction industry and over 2 decades as part of the Y&B team meaning our core group is not only talented, experienced and knowledgeable but have worked on some of the most unique and challenging job sites in the Bay Area.

Each and every member is a rock solid builder in their own right, but as part of the team they have the ability to draw on each other’s unique experiences and have field and office support to assure tight management of every project.

Another very important piece of our team concept is our collaboration with a very talented and experienced subcontractor base, which have the proven track record of competing for and completing projects, no matter how simple or complex. Add this to our relationships with some of the Bay Area’s finest craftsmen, artisans and fabricators and you begin to understand what make the Young & Burton team such a strong asset to any building effort.